Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property suitable for subdivision?

Subdivision is the division of land into two or more lots which can be sold separately.
A development Permit must be applied for to determine if land is suitable.
Subdivision is complicated and has certain legal requirements and therefor the applicant must lodge through industry professionals whose expertise and professional skills enable the preparation of all necessary documents and plans and can manage the process for you.
A planning application for development of the land must be accompanied by comprehensive plans and documents. These are submitted with relevant fees to council.

As an investor, can I obtain some guidance on suitable properties for development?

ABC have resources and expertise to guide you through your investment goals.
We have the Town Planning knowledge and can access council considerations and limitations for Planning and Developments ensuring the best way to achieve your objectives.

I have had my plans rejected from council. Can you help me?

The failure to give a consent to a Development Application can have a very personal impact on applicants who are often not familiar with the world of councils and developments.
ABC can review and amend plans to address the issues that may lead to development consent for your Application. The time and effort spent is never wasted as ABC will endeavor to achieve the best approach to have a good chance of obtaining consent and ultimately achieving your goals.

I have started the process of putting my plans into council but it is all too much. Are you able to help?

Clients applying for Development Applications are often bewildered by how difficult and emotional the process can be. ABC are experienced and seasoned in dealing directly with councils and due to their industry experience are careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences, ultimately saving you time and money.

How long does the process of Development Applications such as Subdividing take?

Despite what you may expect, councils have regulations governing their obligations for the length of time that they may respond and indeed make any decision to your applications. These are complex and vary from project to project, council to council. These regulations can effect the success or failure of your project.
A decision on any Development Application is difficult in practicality and it is through the knowledge of ABC’s council processes and obligations that a decision would be expedited for an optimum successful outcome.
ABC are proactive in communications and understanding the processes with the appropriate authorities. The pressure is always there for councils to act but communications are open and the real issues addressed improving your chances of approval in a timely manner for the proposed development. This would ultimately avoid the need for appeals as is always the desired outcome.

Do I need to use your house plans or can I bring my own?

ABC have qualified and highly talented and experienced architects and designers to help you with the design process, using our or your plans and/or design ideas.
We can assist from the Concept Design phase to Schematic Planning for building phase.
We are able to produce Plans for Feasibility Studies, Landscaping and Endorsement as my be required by council.

Council have contacted me in relation to building work that has not had a permit. What do I do?

ABC can organise all Certification and necessary Report Writing and plans for lodgement through the appropriate councils. Councils may be quite aggressive in seeking the neessary permits for existing fences, Sheds, pool fences and verandas that have been erected without the correct permits and certification.
This can be very stressful for the home owner who may not be aware, and the penalties extreme. ABC will handle all necessary lodgements through our expertise to ensure a speedy and cost effective resolution.

I am on a large suburban block of land and I am happy with the area I live but want to do something with the property. What are my potential investment options?

Of course knocking down your existing house is an option and ABC would be pleased to assist in all aspects of planning and design a new dwelling. However, the cost of rebuilding a single dwelling is less feasible than some other options.
Another consideration would be to a build a duplex. A duplex is a side by side development each with its own private space on one block of land.
This can potentially create rental earning potential of your property. ABC are experts in designing these types of developments and can Project Manage the whole process.

Like to know more information about how we can help?

At ABC our mission is to employ a holistic approach in assisting the client to achieve their vision. Contact us today
about how we can help with your new project.