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Our Mission Statement

At ABC our mission is to employ a holistic approach in assisting the client to achieve their vision. Through a flexible and supportive collaboration, we aim to provide quality planning, development advice and building expertise from concept to completion.



Welcome to “ABC”

Our Consultancy business, affiliated with registered building boards, has more than 100 years combined experience in all areas including:

  • Town Planning,
  • Architectural design,
  • Subdivision
  • Business and Project  Management,
  • Documentation and Governance Building, Engineering and Property Consulting.

Our holistic approach and commitment to our clients ensures your  project is delivered on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of clients and controls.Together our interactions and relationships with our clients generate a new reality of client experience that has become a core part of our business.

The ABC Team understands that clients want the whole package and at ABC accessibility and availability are important factors behind our client service.Our customized Interactive Online program to our clients keeps you up to date at all times with your project and investment goals.

The ABC team has industry professionals with extensive experience representing residential, commercial and development investors.We can assist in driving the process through any objectors, understanding the planning controls and policy that applies to your investment goals.

Our affiliation with major National Home Builders who use our Services is a testament to our expertise and professionalism.

Our cost effective and proactive approach is the basis of our success.

At any stage we are able to take your project to the next level. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you through any step of your project.

Architectural, Engineering and Structural.

We can design and develop plan to create a home that is right for you.

We work with council and other professionals to ensure smart, effective planning solutions that ensures an achievable outcome.

Our plans or yours.

No project too big or small.

Our application of industry knowledge, skill and expertise will take your project from inception to completion.

We offer complete land surveying services to help you sell your backyard or divide your investment property.

Provide 6 star energy rating assessment reports as per mandatory building regulations.